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Concrete Tile

Several years ago I’d found a few cuban concrete tiles at a garage sale where an architect was unloading some samples. Then, while researching tile for remodeling jobs, I found myself constantly reflecting on the soft looking matte surfaces & subtle variations in the solid colors but couldn’t find anything that had quite these same qualities. Concrete is heavier than many other tile options so shipping is expensive. The only thing that came close was clay mexican tile, but those are considered to be more fragile—drop something on them and you’re more likely to chip it. Concrete on the other hand is extremely durable.

Sadus1  Sadus

Here is a photo of Marylin, and the owner of Sadus Tiles in his factory.

Sadus4 Sadus3

IMG_2025 IMG_2034

Below is their crazy wall of samples, but it also shows the water bath for curing the tiles. The water curing method takes very little energy and at the end of its use they clean the water before returning it to the river.


Love, love, L-O-V-E this color!!!


These metal stamps are occasionally sold in stores here for home decoration.

IMG_2024 IMG_2020

IMG_2023 IMG_2021

Sadus is not a huge commercial outfit; they employ 15 people and can only manufacture a certain number of tiles in a day. I just visited their Facebook page where they posted photos of new tile designs. They even came up with an ikat motif (ikat means ‘weaving’, but also means a certain pattern & look that is currently trending in interior design & fabrics). Super cool.

This area is east of Ubud with gorgeous hilly terrain. They have built a few guesthouses and pools to serve the few tourists that choose to come to the area as there are few options for places to stay.

Below is one of the RARE photos you’ll see of me. We were walking around the guesthouse property and enjoying the river view, the garden, the guesthouses and the cascading pools (using Sadus tiles).

Sadus5  Sadus6

Sadus7  IMG_2048

SadusPool2 SadusPool1

This is the restaurant from the outside, then from the entrance.

 IMG_2055  IMG_2056

Sadus8 IMG_2057


7 Replies to “Back to the Artisan Tour: Sadus Tiles”

  1. I LOVE this post! Thanks so much. You’ve inspired me.

    I had no idea about this wonderful tile company, Sadus before. I’m going to bookmark this post and will be heading up there soon! Lottie 🙂

    1. I just realized I replied to you in the wrong place so it may have not prompted you. Sorry about that! I’ll paste it here again:
      “Awesome! I’m glad the blog helped you find some inspiration. Their stuff is gorgeous!”

  2. I see why you LOVE that color! 🙂 The swimming pools look beautiful with the tile bottoms. And, I love your photo of the hand painting the tile. I wonder if they are still doing this in Cuba. You may have to do a comparison trip when Cuba is open to travel again. 😉

    1. Yeah, I thought the checkerboard pool bottom were a really different design than what I see done throughout FL. Looks fun!

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