If you could change anything to improve your life, what might that be?

I would love to open the comment section to all the ways people might answer that question: “Pay off all my bills—please.” “Tell me how to get more money each month without working more!” Or, maybe you know people having a hard time and your life would be better just knowing that their lives could be better. Right?

Beautiful. I like it. Let’s try that again, a little differently this time.

If you could change anything to improve the world, what might that be? You might start with the same comments above, like paying off debts for people and nations. Wouldn’t this help reduce taxes? How might this help the homeless situation that has exploded beyond control? And while we’re on this topic, what about getting a handle on PEACE between nations— and stopping these wars— and the SPENDING?

Whoops! Went flying out of control there.
Or did I?

You are in for a shocker: the solutions and financing to handle those issues are in place. The people to do it are coordinating like an orchestra to make it happen. No one needs to collect anyone’s money. This organization is SELF-FUNDED! Woah…

Will you be able to get your bills paid off? Yes. Will you get more money each month without working more? Yes. And the national debt, paid off? Yes. For all countries? Yes. And the homeless situation, can it be fixed? Yes.

What other goodies might be tucked in to this World Gift Solution of Payments 1-11? Read to find out! Lots of people have been working really hard on this behind the scenes.

When will it happen? Tune in with your Basic-Income-radar: sign up on Official Facebook pages, find it on Twitter, or follow this blog so you know when it arrives to your continent/country/state/province/ town/neighborhood! This is happening— it’s a Mandate to change the world.