Marrero’s Guesthouse: The Happiest Hour of Free Fun & Frivolity at Five o’Clock

My neighbor, Steve, has been telling me, “Come over for happy hour!”
Yesterday, I finally joined Steve and his guests du moment over a
glass of Chardonnay. Cheers!

Soak in the end-of-day sun on Marrero’s Guesthouse porch.
The master bartender and host of Frivolity at Five,
my neighbor Steve.

Catching the lines

Secured at the dock.

Catching the lines

My favorite morning walk takes me past the cruise ship ports. The cruise ships typically come in earlier than my arrival, but today I was able to watch the process of ‘catching the lines’. People in small boats ferry the lines to shore where there are official people waiting to catch the lines and complete the anchoring of the cruise ship. Sunset Key is in the background.

Beautiful Day at Fort Zach, Key West

Regatta in the channel
Today was the last day of deinstallation for Sculpture Key West’s 2012-2013 winter exhibit. Our hard work wrapped up at the channel tiki hut where we loaded Vera Vasek’s¬†Word Within A World Within a World¬†on to her truck. Our reward: a view of this gorgeous regatta!