Jupiter Hotel and Environs

This woman is standing in the lobby of the Jupiter Hotel
This woman is standing in the lobby of the Jupiter Hotel

The lobby walls are entirely glass yet industrial, perforated metal panels hanging in front of the windows create space to display artwork. Three different local artists are featured all sharing similar soft palettes and use encaustic media. A long coffee table and another side table double as displays for custom metal jewelry.

Red Bull was holding some sort of small conference here during my stay. The hotel offers nice small options for meeting spaces. They are labeled ThinkTANK, DreamBOX, or DreamTent. Connected to the Doug Fir Restaurant was also a nice long conference table with glass etched doors offering an enclosed but very visible venue.

The Lab private event space.
The Lab private event space.


My first night here I was introduced to their performance venue which is below the bar & restaurant. I had eaten dinner in their bar called Doug Fir and then wandered outside to the patio area where a fire was burning. A couple were standing there and asked if I was going to ‘the show’. I didn’t know there was a show but when I glanced toward the entrance I noticed a queue had formed. They explained it was a fund raiser put on by Planned Parenthood and Bitch Media called “Babies and Bananas”. It included a comedian and was expected to be entertaining as it covered the history of sex education. Just $10 and for a good cause. Why not?

Doug Fir Stage door

The poster for the show at Doug Fir lounge.
The poster for the show at Doug Fir lounge.

The show was entertaining and sold out so I had to stand near the back. But it was also amazing to listen to the ridiculousness that has been handed down through the years as fact about sexual education. One well-meaning woman explained that light exercise was ok during menstruation but square dancing was far too vigorous and should be avoided. Several guest panelists were brought up to address questions put to them by the host. The variety of perspectives was impressive and included a transgender, someone with aids and even a disabled guy in a wheelchair. His speech was so affected by his disability that he had a translator relaying what he said. That in itself was amazing since I couldn’t make out diddly from what he was saying. It was pretty comical when the disabled guy explained that following college he had been diagnosed with an STD. His parents were surprised and said, ” How did that happen?” He replied, “I guess disabled people have sex too!”

I continued to scope out the neighborhood in a different direction yesterday. Imagine my surprise when just 2 blocks east of my hotel I stumbled upon my favorite hardware store in Portland, Hippo Hardware!

The mascot for Hippo Hardware. Hippos of all sizes & materials are displayed throughout the store.
The mascot for Hippo Hardware. Hippos of all sizes & materials are displayed throughout the store.

Why would a hardware store be my favorite? Because it is one of those places that is more like a salvage yard than a regular store and carries architectural elements (columns, stained glass, ornate metal fittings, claw foot tubs). I texted my friend here, Mike Wardwell, “OMG! I’m 2 blocks from my fav store Hippo Hardware!” He reminded me that anyone who has seen Jackass the movie, or Portlandia would also be familiar with Hippo. It was then that I remembered the scene from Jackass where that guy takes a dump in one of the toilets. Ewww! I will have to look for Portlandia episodes that feature Hippo 🙂


Do you suppose the movie was the inspiration for this sealed lid?

Sealed toilet seat

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