Florida: Miami, and heading up US1

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Miami Design District –

I uploaded these to Facebook, then realized I may as well post them here!

I wish I’d realized I was going to post any of this… there were so many things to take photos of but I only shot a few, and then decided to post them. I intend to go back and get more photos another time.

IMG_2156  IMG_2154IMG_2159

This black and white building looked as though it housed a number of studios or businesses.

IMG_2160 IMG_2164

This building cracked me up because the text was painted on free-hand, and all the ‘grout lines’ are just painted.

IMG_2162  IMG_2161 

Heading north on US1 Hwy

I am checking out mainland Florida for relocation, so I chose to avoid the freeways and just stuck to US1: Starting from Miami I puttered through Miami Shores… Hollywood… Dania Beach… Ft. Lauderdale… on up to an end point of Boynton Beach. This first image illustrates city beautification progress in Dania Beach where they have been planting new palms along US1.


These were in Ft. Lauderdale

IMG_2190 IMG_2188

Miami Shores

 IMG_2180 IMG_2181


I call this one “Unintentional Sculpture”. This is actually a photo collage, just in case someone thinks a building actually looks like this. I took the photo from two angles, then stuck them together. It’s like mushrooms on a log.


Somewhere on US1


Delray Beach

My major stop was in Delray Beach where there is a developing artist area called Artist Alley. The creative touch of the artists can be seen all around town.

IMG_2225 IMG_2228 IMG_2223

The signature on this wooden fish was Norman Radin.


I added the text below. I saw the parallel and went with it.


IMG_2217 IMG_2215

This camera shop seemed to have a drive-up window!

IMG_2214 IMG_2213 IMG_2216

IMG_2192 IMG_2195 IMG_2197

I love buildings that are barely buildings.

IMG_2218 IMG_2209 IMG_2208

This airstream trailer is the kitchen at a bar called The Backyard. I thought I would go to check it out, but I only made it as far as the parking lot. Why do bars think the music should be SO LOUD?!?


I’m not sure where this concrete block wall was, but it was part of a combination antique store/convenience store (antique store is a stretch). This is downright decorative for concrete!


These last photos are of my hotel room tonight. Sixty bucks… so…


I know you want to see her closer. She could aspire to be the silhouette of someone from Avatar, don’tcha think? (Well, the head is too small but she could be filmed from above so it looks bigger.)



The walls aren’t the only party in my room. Check out the ceiling.

Good night!

2 Replies to “Florida: Miami, and heading up US1”

  1. LOVE your photos and the running commentary that went with them! How exciting that you might be relocating to Florida, it looks a great place 🙂
    Sorry I’ve been away from visiting your blog for such a long time, I’ve been ‘off radar’ for a month but am now back. Looking forward to hearing more about your US adventures. Oh btw, did you ever get to Jogja?

  2. Hi Lottie- It’s been fun taking all art-y oriented photos. I’m glad you like them.

    I actually live in Florida already, I’m just looking to relocate to the mainland and I’m not familiar with it. I live at the end of the island chain, the last inhabited one which is Key West. I am a good 3 hrs away from any major city and there is only 1 road to get there! So, I’m ready to move to a more metropolitan place.

    I did not make it to Jogja unfortunately, nor Jakarta. I went to Singapore, and anticipated hopping around from there but I had a heck of a time trying to book my tickets while I was still in Bali (an internet problem with the airlines I was told). Once I got to Singapore, I decided to extend my stay slightly, and with only a week left before heading back to the states I decided to just return to Bali and leave Java for another day. Good reason to get back there!
    Thanks for the note 🙂

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